About our company

ElveisTechnology company conducts automated trading in the market, possessing all the technical capabilities to maintain and increase trading efficiency. In particular, the staff of our company includes a team of talented programmers who create a software product in close collaboration with leading financial analysts.

The undoubted advantages of trust management with the help of system trading, in comparison with the classic trust management, are great opportunities, efficiency and effectiveness of the system as part of the implementation of a more active trading strategy, as well as minimizing risks by using strictly formed algorithms and eliminating the "human factor" in making investment decisions.

  • abi System trading allows you to level the risks associated with the human factor;
  • abi The service is able to provide a certain level of profitability over a number of years;
  • abi Save time due to the lack of the need to conduct a thorough market analysis.

The above facts allow us to conclude that the financial world exists in a new reality, where investment decisions are made by machines in a split second. Western companies and funds that manage money through systemic trading have existed since the beginning of the decade and have been able to achieve significant success. By the middle of the decade, almost all the largest investment banks owned such funds.

The viability of system trading is indirectly confirmed by the growing share of exchange transactions made by robots on major world platforms. It should be noted that exchanges, as a rule, are classified as applications submitted by robots, only those applications that are based on responding to rapid changes in the market situation (placed with a frequency of up to several times per second). Of course, the algorithms are also used for less active trading, but in this case, the exchange cannot distinguish an application formed by a robot from an application submitted manually.

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